Alternative Water Heater 200L Energy Saving

Water Heater : Ecoheat 200L

The right alternative water heater or water heater for you at this time is the type of hetapump water heater.

Heat pump has been recognized by competent parties in the world as an energy-efficient and alternative water heater 200L Energy Saving.

Energy efficiency is one of the advantages of this water heater in addition to other advantages compared to conventional water heaters.

The efficiency level of this heat pump can be more than 60% compared to other types of water heaters with the same capacity and conditions.

Water heaters are widely applied for residential applications to 5-star hotels throughout Indonesia.

A. Water Heater and Energy Efficiency

Various types of water heaters on the market to meet human needs and desires, ranging from electric water heaters, gas, solar energy and so on.

Almost everyone wants a water heater or water heater with a large capacity but one that saves energy for hot water needs.

As a result, water heater manufacturers are competing to find innovations and technologies to meet human needs for energy-efficient water heaters.

Then came an innovation in the field of water heating and called a heat pump that utilizes energy from the surrounding air to produce hot water.

This water heater technology has been recognized by many parties as more energy efficient than the previous electric water heater technology.

Hybrid water heater or heat pumps, where this type has the ability to produce large amounts of hot water but is energy efficient.

B. Cost of Energy Water Heater

The energy crisis is quite a worry because of the increasing need for energy in all fields.

Therefore, humans think of utilizing energy as efficiently as possible to reduce energy costs, in this case it is energy for water heaters.

The U.S. Department of Energy (US DOE) has determined that:

Water heaters account for 14-18% of the average American home energy consumption, which represents $400 – $600/year and makes it the second largest energy expenditure.

The cost of a water heater is largely determined by three main factors: the type of water heater, the source of energy and consumption habits.

C. Choosing an Efficient Water Heater

The working process of this water heater is what makes the heat pump 2 to 4 times more efficient or energy efficient than a conventional electric water heater.


Water heater heatpump is a type of water heater that is currently popular all over the world, including Indonesia.

Domestic type heatpumps ranging from 80, 200 to 455 liters have been widely circulated in the market with various brands.

Commercial heatpumps ranging from 12 kW to 100 kW have also been widely marketed with various brands.

For warm water pools, heat pumps are currently widely circulated in the market, including Indonesia.

For more than 15 years, several heat pump brands have competed to offer products with their superior features, efficiency, quality and price.

In fact, at this time the needs and applications of water heaters, especially the commercial segment, have mostly used heat pump water heaters.

Heat pump water heaters — also referred to as hybrid hot water heaters — are generally considered the most energy-efficient water heaters on the market. 

So many homeowners can save $200 to $600 per year by switching to a heat pump water heater. Source:

D. How a Heat pump Water Heater Works

  • The heat pump water heater draws hot air from the surrounding air, then uses electricity to transfer the surrounding heat to the water tank.
  • The air around the heat pump will be taken / sucked in by the evaporator component to enter the heat pump unit
  • Then the temperature will be raised with a refrigerant component (freon) in the refrigerator, so that it will make the air in it higher / hotter
  • After the air temperature has risen, it will then be automatically flowed into the cold water pipe that has been paired in the heat exchanger (HE)
  • The remaining hot air that is not moved  will flow into the expansion valve so that the temperature drops before re-entering the evaporator and the cycle will repeat

Unlike conventional electric water heater systems, heat pump water heaters only transfer heat from one place (air) to another (water).

This type of heat pump does not use energy to create new energy, because every 1 energy that enters the heat pump produces 3 units of energy.

E. Advantages of Ecoheat Heatpump

Efficiency Mode : the most energy-efficient setting is to extract warmth from the ambient air, concentrate the heat and transfer it to the water.

Hybrid Mode: uses a heat pump for efficiency, but will also use electrical elements for hybrid production after high use of hot water.

Electric Mode: the unit operates as a conventional electric water heater, utilizing the element only for conditions when the ambient hot air is limited.

G. Ecoheat Heatpump Sales

PT Gramitra, which is domiciled in Surabaya and Denpasar, is a company in the field of sales and installation of Ecoheat brand heatpump water heaters.

We have experienced in the field of water heaters and water heater systems since 1997, both for the residential and commercial segments in Indonesia.

We have worked together a lot to handle major projects for hot water systems throughout Indonesia.

In addition we also serve the sale and installation of products:

Hot water tank or hot water storage tank brand Ecoheat made of mild steel and stainless steel with a capacity of 500 to 10000 liters

Heatpump Water heater type Domestic brand Ecoheat, with a tank capacity of 200 to 300 liters

Domestic heat pump water heater brand AO Smith (USA), with a tank capacity of 80 to 455 liters

Commercial heatpump water heater Air to Water 12 kW to 80 kW Pool and SPA heat pump 12 kW to 80 Kw.

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